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What is the Sentrico™ system?

Specialist software developed by world class training experts in the energy, manufacturing and engineering industries.
  • A Competence Assurance Management System (CAMS) software solution.
  • Supported by a database of over 50,000 competence objectives for technical jobs in many different areas
  • We will work with you to give seamless support, offering training of Subject Matter Experts, Assessors, Verifiers & Coaches until the project is embedded in the organisation.
  • Software can be installed on your intranet or a remote secure server


Competency Database

Our Competency database consists of over 50,000 measurable competence statements that relate to the core competencies needed for many technical job roles.

Whether you need competency statements to develop your own competency frameworks or aid in competency based recruitment we can help create measurable steps for assessment purposes.

Who are we?

Sentrico™ software is a product of Sentrico Pty Ltd, an independent Training and Development Consultancy specialising in competency solutions.

We have a team of consultants who are able to assist our clients with the solutions to the challenges facing their business.

Our expertise in training and development means we are able to advise our clients on the best possible solutions
Each year globally millions of dollars are spent on training. It would seem reasonable to establish just how effective this training has been if only to help justify the budget.
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