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Competency Management

Q1. What is competence?

An individual cannot perform effectively if they are not competent. An individual can be competent - but still not perform his/her job. Effective Performance Management is essential in the process of competence development.

Q2. What is functional competence?

Competence has been described as the ability to perform assigned duties to the levels required in employment. The levels of competency are set by the Company but often based on external guidelines such as the Engineering Council or Awarding Bodies. Competence standards (or Terminal Competence Objectives TCOs) are produced based on these competence levels.

Q3. Why do we train?

We train to achieve competence.

Q4. How do we know training has been effective?

Because it should satisfy agreed criteria taken from individual competencies.

Q5. How do we measure competence?

We measure competence against a written standard otherwise it is subjective, and open to different interpretations.

Q6. When do we measure competence?

It should be ongoing - a continual process until you have reached the competence required for the job.

Q7. Where do we need competence?

On every level of the organisation in every job.

Q8. Why do we measure competence?

What gets measured gets done. Tasks and targets have to be set for individual departments and they have to be monitored so that intervention can take place where necessary.