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GAS TURBINE TECHNOLOGY with calculations

Contents:Complete pack of training materials -All the tools you need to deliver this 10 module course to your own delegates

Price: US$250

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What is in the pack?

Full set of teaching notes with diagrams, photos (172 pages MS Word)

270 Powerpoint slides

Worked examples within the notes plus additional 6 with answers

Multiple choice assessment paper

Original course material written by a UK Chartered Engineer and qualified lecturer on behalf of Sentrico Pty. Ltd.

All material can be purchased as a download for trainers or lecturers to use with their own delegates/students. All material is in the form of MS Office software with full ability to customize eg. add logos, names, illustrations or further material.

Course Overview

Module 1

Introduction and short history of gas turbines

Module 2

Types of gas turbine; general principles; advantages and disadvantages of gas turbines

Module 3

Major parts of gas turbines: starter, compressor, combustion section, turbine section, exhaust

Module 4

Gas turbine theory with worked examples: momentum, turbine blades, temperature and pressure, the mole, principle heat capacities of a gas, thermodynamic variables of a gas, work done, Carnot & Brayton cycles, enthalpy and entropy, energy transformations within the combustor and turbine, nozzles, turbojet engines, gas turbine performance

Module 5

Gas turbine components: centrifugal and axial flow compressors

Module 6

Combustion systems: the combustion process, emissions and pollutants

Module 7

Design and manufacture: turbine blade cooling, vibration, manufacture of blades and vanes, combustion chamber and compressor, intercoolers

Module 8

Gas turbine maintenance: condition monitoring, fault diagnosis and trend analysis, instrumentation, cleaning

Module 9

Safety precautions; PPE, fire fighting systems

Module 10

Gas turbine applications: aircraft, industrial, marine and vehicles

Assessment: Multiple choice questions and answers, further worked examples

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Who is the course most suitable for?

Graduate Engineers, Senior Technicians, Engineering Managers, Supervisors, and others who want to understand the theory behind gas turbine technology.

The material must not be re-sold or re-distributed without permission.

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