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Why have a Competency Management System?

Enhance your reputation

Having a fully auditable competence system in place can create a climate of confidence with employees, suppliers, outsourcers, stakeholders and both internal and external customers.

A competency management system such as Sentrico™ can provide an efficient way of maintaining health and safety, ensuring corporate governance and compliance.

Competent workforce = safer workforce

A strong competency management system will help you to maintain a skilled, competent and effective workforce, which in turn will see a reduced frequency and severity of incidents and accidents.

Sentrico™ can be used to find which employees require training, who has demonstrated competence, and reduce the cost to your business resulting from accidents or incompetence.

Appraisals based on performance

Once in a job, an individual will have specific targets they must achieve, and these should contain specific and measurable objectives. A performance review may only focus on how well an individual has progressed towards meeting their targets.
The more specific and measurable an objective or target, the easier it is to review the performance of a job-holder.

Identifying training needs

Our software can provide a framework for training and development that applies to techniques, behaviour and whole competency. This can assist in the objective review of training and development needs. It can also aid in the design of training and development activities.
Sentrico™ can assist in the selection of an appropriate training and development activity whilst also monitoring progress towards training and development goals.

Manage the talent pipeline

Spotting the next team leader, based on an objective assessment of capability isn’t easy. Our system can provide you with the reporting tools to identify a pool of talent against the skills and competencies you select.
This process will allow you to be transparent in your internal development and selection processes and nurture talent based on evidence of capability.

Save recruitment costs

Competencies provide a framework for giving and collecting information about jobs and job applications. Our system, together with suitable competence objectives provides:-

Behaviours necessary for effective performance in the job

A tool for identifying recruitment critical competencies

Benchmarks for decision making

Training standards approval

Bureaucracy often becomes a barrier in traditional systems and processes. A good competency management system can provide a fully auditable system to gain industry recognition for training standards within your organisation or from external bodies.

Regulatory compliance

Demonstrating compliance against company policies, codes of conduct, corporate ethics & governance can often prove quite challenging in any size of organisation. Sentrico’s powerful reporting tools will provide everything that any auditors expect from you.

Where staff have achieved the required level of competency (or otherwise) that your business expects, Sentrico™ will show key information when required.